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A subscriber counter.
Advanced, but easy to use.

Subscriber Counter is the original subscriber counter for Android. With dozens of unique features such as channel analytics and more, this is the most advanced, but easiest to use Subscriber Counter for on the road.

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The most advanced subscriber counter ever made. It's true.

Focus on creators

Made and inspired by the largest creators. We are able to tell you that our focus is on creators.

Advanced analytics

Subscriber Counter is the only Android counter app with comprehensive channel analytics for any channel.


Add channels to your favorites or change the background of the subscriber counter page. You can customize the app to your likings!

Traditional counter

Besides all unique features we have. There’s also a traditional subscriber counter which also shows realtime views and videos.

Live charts

See a live chart of any channel's subscriber count. This allows you to see how fast you're subscriber count is growing.

And much, much more…

There are countless features we can show you. The best way to do this, is to experience it yourself. What are you waiting for?